Over 23 Years In Business ~ 11 Successful Businesses Built From Scratch ~ 5 sOLD! 
your New Money Mindset Is Waiting For You
Join one Of Australia's Top Business Strategists As She Teaches You Her SECRET Step - By -Step Formula On How To Increase Your Wealth and Manifest Everything You've Ever Dreamed Of...
Join one Of Australia's Top Coaches As She Teaches You Her SECRET Step - By -Step Formula On How To Increase Your Wealth and Manifest Everything You've Ever Dreamed Of...

Developing an Abundance Mindset helped me grow my online businesses in just a few short years to six and seven figures in revenue.
Consequently, the primary vehicle I now use to teach people how to build their wealth and
prosperity fast is... you guessed it..

Mindset Training!

As a result, this has allowed me to help hundreds of women, because they've implemented my training, get massive growth in their abundance mindset as well as in their lives too.
For Instance, here are Just A few... With Little Or No Previous Personal Development,
who, because of this training, have been able to 
Unlock The Power Of An Abundance Mindset In Their Own Lives
"The Challenge Helped Me Manifest Heaps More Clients Which As a Result, Meant Heaps More Money..."

 When Jacqueline jumped on
board and joined the Abundance Challenge,
she had one goal in mind. 
To sort out what was stopping
her and holding her back
from the lifestyle,
she knew she was meant
to lead.
There were so many things
she truly loved about the program.
Most noteworthy though, doing this
program gave her some
new ideas and processes
to help her manifest some new
clients too.
Here's what she LOVED:
"I like the fact that the videos
were short and straight, to the point.
Equally, they were easy-to-follow, and this allowed  me time to do the tasks
on a daily basis.
Furthermore, it was great that there was
always an opportunity to contact
anyone for help if needed it.
 The catch up days were awesome.
Love the belief light; paying myself first -
because I wasn't doing it.
Moreover, being aware of the next
level of blocks and letting them go.
All making a difference 💕"
"My Income Doubled In Just Three Short Months Because I Chose To Jump on Board"

When Gloria came to the program,
she was exceptionally shy,
and her self belief was non existant.
Not only was she shy, she really didn't believe in herself or her abilities.
The outcome she wanted was to
manifest the next level in the company
she'd been at for 19 years.
Doing the course gave her the 
confidence and the belief that 
she could take the action
necessary, and manifest
the job of her dreams...
As A Result
She applied for one level
up and was offered the
CEO job instead!
Here's What She Had To Say:
"I was a bit unsure of whether
it would work, but I knew I had
to try something...
So glad I took the bull
by the horns and made the
move with this program..."
"This Challenge Is Highly Recommend To Anyone... It's Freaking AMAZING And It Changed My Life!!"

Liz joined the program because
she wanted to change her life.
Being only 21, she wanted to 
find a way forward.
In like manner, Liz wanted to 
know in her heart that she 
was just as good as
anyone else and used the 
program to heal herself, so she 
could go out there and create 
the life she truly desired.
Here's What She Had To Say:
I thought I was confident before... 
However it wasn't until I really dug
in deep and  really started believing I
could do anything, that things
really started to turn around.
Moreover, I am only 21, and because of this program,  I just manifested my very first house.
Therefore, I am truly excited by what's to come and can't wait to see what's 
next for me.

Here's What You Get When You Jump In!

  • INSTANT ACCESS into The 30 Day Money Mindset Challenge (In this challenge, you'll expand your mind and your money)
  •  ​The Full Video Content Walking You Through Each Step Of The Course ($500 Value )
  • Worksheets and Exercises Throughout the Challenge ($500)
  • 24/7 Access To Our Incredible Coaches For Anything You Need ($1997 Value)
  • ​Exclusive Community For Members Only ($50/Month Value)
  • Private "Lives" Where You Can Interact With Maini Herself! (You can’t put a value on that can you?)

Here's Just A Sample Of The "Secret Sauce" 
Combination And What We'll Reveal For You In 
The 30 Day Abundance Mindset Challenge...

Part 1

  • Working Out What Your Outcome Is: It's imperative that you have a clear picture of where you are going, because then you can make solid plans.
  • ​Appreciating What Your Are Already Surrounded By: Taking a look at what you already have may surprise you. As a result, feeling gratitude will be easier.
  • ​Feeling Gratitude For What's Coming: Because we must see it, believe it and feel it, for it to become reality. Thus, we must reach for it.
  • Working On Your Self Worth: Therefore, you can truly focus on your abundance, because you know your value.
  • Building Your Self Belief Muscle: Teaching you to truly believe in yourself and your abilities, to say nothing of what it will do for your confidence.
  • Creating The Vision You Want:  As a result, each day you'll have a visual reminder of your goals and dreams
  • ​The Importance of Taking Inspired Action: To ensure that your results arrive FASTER!
  • How To Harness The Power Of Positive Thinking: Equally,  the energy you put out aligns you

Part 2

  • ​The Secret To Releasing That Scarcity Mindset: Because  you want to attract even more into your life... don't you?
  • ​​Learn The Power Of Accepting What Comes Your Way:  Without doubting it's validity or purpose
  • ​​How To Gain Full Control Of Your Thoughts: So that you can focus on abundance
  • ​​​Discovering Your True Value:  To clearly see what you contribute and how you add value to others
  • ​Strategies To Let Go Of The Past: This allows you to be laser focused on moving forward.
  • ​How To Plant Seeds In Your Mind: For your total growth and prosperity.
  • ​How To Look The Part: Feeling like a million dollars each and every day helps you attract more.
  • ​​The Hush - Hush Strategies Millionaires Use To De-Clutter Their Lives: Because they know what to do to make abundance flow!
  • ​​The Top Secret Tools Used To Let Go Of What Does Not Serve:  For Total Clarity and Certainty
  • ​​Learn The Tricks To Developing A Laser Focus: So that nothing gets in your way.

Part 3

  • Beginning to Grow And Prosper: To really start attracting all the abundance, money, houses, cars and travel that you want in your life...
  • Surrounding Yourself With What Serves You: Instead of spending your time and energy on things, and possibly people who do not.
  • Discover Your Passion And Why You Are Here: So you only contribute to the areas in your life with the greatest joy, love and happiness
  • ​​Realising The Importance Of Taking Care Of You: When you take care of you, then focus, clarity and vision are much easier to control.
  • ​​Embracing The "Magic" Of Solitude:  When you realise the beauty in your alone time, your perspective changes.
  • ​Discovering Your Current Position: So you know exactly where your starting point is and that gives you a marker for success.
  • How To Make Decisions On Where You Are Going: Because it's imperative to plan and EXECUTE!
  • ​Learning To See Things Differently: Laughter really is the best medicine and one we neglect!
  • ​​Unleashing The Power Of Persistence: Because getting everything you want and desire is the only way. As a result, your happiness will grow beyond your expectations.
  • ​Playing Full Out And Celebrating Your Wins: So that even more abundance is unlocked!
  • ​Learn About The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Therefore, you'll never be without "The Gift"
Maini Homer - Business Expert With 23 Years Experience
Hi Maini...  Thanks so much for 
The 30 Day Challenge.  

I just manifested enough money for my family to get through a difficult time.
We're going to be ok!"
Karen Rodgers - Sydney Australia
"Unbelieveable, I Managed To Score A Big Fat Contract And Am Now Helping Someone In Their Business"

"Maini, working with you has helped me immensely!

My business and personal life
were suffering because
of my limiting beliefs and old stories
that did not serve me.
Now that i have shed
the the old beliefs 
and stories my life feels 
so much freer and i can't 
wait to see my business grow and 
Thank you, Maini Homer! 
You Rock!!!"
Diana Swan - Business Breakthrough Recipient
"My Boss Told Me I Wasn't Cut Out For The Job... I showed Him... And Went To The Top 1% Of My Team..."

"Never will I forget the day when my boss told me, he didn't think I had what it took to do the job.

This was a really scary place for me to be, because my marriage needed to be over, and I had to think about the kids as well...
I was in a very dark place, and so I reached out to Maini and her team...
As a result, I went from being ignored by management, to high fived as I walked in the office...
Just last week, they announced I'd made the top 1% of the team and I got a payrise....
My security and safety is strong because of Tall Poppies..."

Natalie Creer - Climb The Corporate Ladder Program

"There Is Nothing I Can't Handle Now. I Have The 1-2-3 Tools To Deal With Anything That Comes My Way"

Working with the Team has given me the most effective tools to date to deal with anything and everything that comes up in my way.

Just like with any tool, you have to
remember to use it. As a result,
it resolved any issue in under a minute.
At first, we held multiple sessions,
utilizing these tools to work
with certain emotions and states of
being that were in the way of me
 having a quality life. 

I have PTSD and
life often gets tangled because things that 
are easy for most people, are not so 
easy for me. So, then there is 
frustration on top of all that. 
I'm eternally grateful..

Vica Petrosyan - Corporate To Business Transformation Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Each Video Run For?

We Know Your Time Is Precious... Because of this, we've made each exercise and each video between 5 and 10 minutes long. So it's something you can do when you have that spare time and isn't going to impact on what you already have to do...

Will I Have Access Forever? 

Absolutely! The moment you pop in your details, it's all yours. In other words, it doesn't matter if it's a day, a week or a year before you pick it up. It will still be there for you.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Absolutely - If at anytime, you feel that this challenge has not been worth the tiny asking price, simply let us know and we'll refund you in full. We are confident that you'll love it that much, we are happy to put our money where our mouth is. That's because we know the worth of this course.

Do I Get Access To All The Videos?

Yes You Do. Originally we spaced them out, and then we realised that some of you are super superstars and wanted to go faster. As a result, we decided to give you full access so you could go full steam ahead!

What If I Can't Find The Time?

It Will Take You 10-15 Minutes A Day... Surely Building Your Manifesting Muscle Is Worth That Much Right? If You Do Struggle, Then Let Us Know And We'll Work Something Out For You...

Is There a Pay In Full Option?

Yes There Is... For those of you who can already see the value in this package and who want to start living immediately in an Abundance Mindset, we have a $20 discount for you, for paying in full. That means you'll only pay $77.00
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